Crop Circles?

This is my dog Lucy.  She is the most hyper dog ever.  She is constantly jumping and running around.  (This is seriously the clearest picture I could get of her.)

 In fact, she is so hyper, to burn off all that energy she continuously runs around in circles in our backyard.  This is our crop circle.

This is the circle close up

Lucy's foot print in crop circle.

This is how far her rope can reach (because of course, she has to run at the very end of the rope.)

This is my expression when I realized I got dog poop on my shoes while taking pictures.

These are my shoes which I had to leave outside until I could clean them up.  
(I thought I'd spare you the um.........details.)

This is me going inside with only my fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.


Lots and lots of Pictures

Which ones are your Favs?